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This concept started as years of conversations with a friend about life, structure, meaning and other ways of seeing. I’m not sure it’s ever a finished conversation but we ended up with a system of Five pillars of living, or the Five Ethers. A system to attempt to direct ourselves into a better place.

[This is not meant as a guide for anyone else but as a reminder to us... if it resonates please adopt it and modulate it as your own.]

These are the 5 Ethers


physical | mental | spiritual


family | friends | support | networks


will | courage | discernment


story | synchronicity | the ether


Interconnectedness | awakenings | samsara

These are the foundations on how will develop creative practises

more human systems is a way of seeing.

the desire is to change our perception from a superficial, matter and space based tool... to primarily an emotional, meaning and existence based tool.

the outlook standing in opposition to our 21st century approach to human beings as data sets, and rich data to be controlled and mined by big tech companies. If we are to soar to our true potential we must rid ourselves of viewing people and all other life forms as data points. the spectrum of life goes far beyond what we’re able to measure, and we must find humility in that.

our social technologies promise togetherness, but they also create new pockets of loneliness and separation from physical community. we can become more easily polarised in our thinking when there is no physical presence in our discourse. connection must be a spiritual and local process as well as a digital and global process. there is a balance to strike, and social cohesion methods should not be left to technocrats looking out primarily for competitive attention driven profit models and further control of markets.

the future is a fundamentally unknowable place, but we all have a choice to decide how it will be.

the concept of design must be stripped of its meaning in a market driven society, and peeled back to its essence of creation. systems thinking is about recognising the interconnectedness of all matter and its place within the culture. whole earth thinking and enlightened design from a truly integrated collective is whats needed.

we must liberate ourselves through individual and collective healing. take on an empowered diy mentality. create local and sustainable closed loop practices. Invest in our own communities, invest in ourselves. Decentralise structures to re-harmonize the balance of power. This is not about primitivism, technology and innovation will help us forge a new path.

If we can start to build and support a more human way of seeing, we may in turn begin to act towards nature in a more spiritual and connected way. We might in mass re kindle our connection to the great spirit through nature and ecology.

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